What is hyper or hypothyroidism?

THYROID …. For those that don’t know or understand what a person goes thru with Hypothyroidism…this explains a lot.

It’s been a few years since you found out that I’ll be with you for a lifetime.

I’m very elusive, I don’t always show up when you analyze your blood.

People around you can’t see or hear me, but your body does. I can attack you anywhere and any way you choose. For example cold, tingling or hand pain.

Remember when you had so much energy and had so much fun! Well, sometimes, I participate in your energy and I leave you exhausted … A little of your memory or part of your concentration.

I can make you sleep for many hours, or I can cause insomnia. Make you shiver or feel cold or hot when the temperature is normal for everyone else.

I can make your feet or hands swell, your face and eyelids swell. I can make you feel very anxious / or with panic attacks.

I am very complicated…

Do you remember the sudden mood? Yes, it’s me…

Crying for no reason? Annoyed for no reason? And yes, it’s me too.

I can make your hair fall out, become dry and brittle, cause acne, cause dry skin, I have no boundaries.

I will make you gain weight no matter what or how much you eat.

Doing activities like walking or doing other exercises will not take me out of your body, but it will help calm me down.

I know, you started going to the Endocrinologist to get me out!

Treatments and controls help me relax for periods.

I can make you have high cholesterol, or have blood pressure problems, or other problems… That’s me.

Breathing troubles? Elevated liver enzymes? Dental or gum problems? Me too…

You will feel tired … and your family and friends will be tired of hearing over and over how much “I feel bad” “I’m too tired”.

They do not know that I withdraw some of the energy your body and mind need daily to perform their activities.

Then, just when you think you have everything under control for once…BAM, mother nature throws a curve ball at you, you once again go into a tail spin. Now, add on the hot flashes and even more moodiness… Hot, tired and cranky.

They will not understand why this disease attacks your body from the tip of your hair to the tip of your foot. Every cell and organ in your body requires the proper amount of thyroid hormones that I decrease.

So don’t stop taking these pills every morning the doctor gave you … they replace the diminished T4 hormone that you need.

Although I don’t like them very much because I can’t do so many jokes, I know it will help you feel better. 😞🙏🏻

With love from your thyroid

With compliments

Sky Lalena Facebook

Why, Why, Why

So yesterday we woke up to the news that a 6yr old girl was abducted from her mother’s car whilst in transit. Yes the story kept on changing but to say the least my heart was breaking for this little one and her family also it hit close to home as the family is also Zimbabwean.

A Prayer group was formed, messages sent, profile pictures on watsapp changed to the child’s, search parties, police, paramedics all the works were in full swing. We were all praying for a good outcome but today we woke up to the sad news that the mother was in custody like really!!! You let people run around knowing what you have done, what about the resources helicopter, vehicles etc, why don’t you tell the truth instead lying to cover your skin. Ko moyo we kubereka hawo, how do you do that to your own child? You carry a child for 9months, let her grow for 6yrs and then you kill her for what? To fix / punish husband aaagh no man I am in tears.

Women how do we do that? What satisfaction do we get after this, what is so difficult to talk about that you bottle up till you reach such an extent, yes they are saying mum was suffering from depression, husband was cheating on her but those that know the husband say he is a serial cheater so my sister after all these years why now, why not moving out, moving on, walking out or even talked about it with someone you would have gotten help. Warwadzisa inga wanga washinga wani, ko kuzodya zai rako(this is painful, why did you have to do this?)

Who do you blame for this, the husband serial cheater, mum the murder or the friends who knew but kept quiet or talked behind her back, laughed at her. Its also alleged she tried killing her other daughter who escaped and is now in child protection services. Where is the father? Why is he quiet, “was your side chick worthy your daughter’s life or your entire family’s life”

To little A, I am sorry little one that you had to go through what you went through, forgive and fly high beautiful angel and may your soul rest in peace.

Guys let’s appreciate what we have before we loseit, someone said “Satan is alive, he has 2legs, we stay with him in the house, he is not crippled and thats a man maybe that was too harsh but who am I to judge. To my fellow woman I say I can not begin to understand what made you do what you did may the Lord give you peace.



Alpha and Omega

At times we are given a lesson but we do not understand at that time only later do we understand. Its difficult to understand and to question the Almighty, but i now know that the only thing to do is obey. Thank you Lord for the spirit of discernment, teach me to be obedient but above all to give you praise for you are Alpha and Omega handiti ndimi mavambo nemagumo (Isn’t you are the beginning and the ending ) ? Everything is in between so whom shall i fear coz like wings you have flanked me on both sides. You are the wind beneath my wings so allow me to soar higher than the eagles.

My miracle worker, my promise keeper

“Till when Lord, till when? Isn’t you said this was not unto death but for your glory but HOW if people now see me as a scarecrow, as a laughing stock? ” I kept on asking myself or should I say God they Why question and His answer was to remind me of all His goodness.

Back when I was 26 I started experiencing a side pain and I would take pain killers till I couldn’t walk properly, I was now limping with my right leg. I went to a doctor who referred me to a radiologist for a scan n xray then the results came back and it was multiple cysts causing me the pain of which I was advised to go and book for an operation with a gynecologist reason being 1 cyst was enlarged and would not be healed with meds, it had to be taken out.

At the gynae’s surgery I was told even though I was on medical aid I still needed to pay a copayment upfront and the amount was not small. If I tell you that it never rains it sure doesn’t, I had recently lost my dad, had 3 siblings to look after and the little money I was making had to go to the little ones upkeep 2 were in boarding schools. I had aunties to help but it was too much for me to go and ask on top of what they were already doing. I left the surgery with a promise that I would come back and book an appointment.

I went home and to this day I still remember ironing my laundry in the kitchen and I started praying but that prayer ended up being a one on one with the Lord. Kkk that was a one way conversation but I knew He was there and He was listening. I said all I wanted to say and ask, I remember saying “now that you took my father, you are all the father I have and if you let all this happen to me what do you expect me to do?” I guess that was my end of the road because I had no hope of getting the money but the Bible says when we think we are done and hopeless that’s when the Lord shows Himself.

Next weekend I visited my aunt to have my hair done by my niece, she finished around 9pm and we locked our bedroom door, switched off our lights and we went to sleep. I remember dreaming of Rebecca Malope singing and it felt like I was at her live performance show, the way I could feel the song. I woke up after some time to see the lights and TV on and guess what! Rebecca Malope was singing on Prime Gospel time. I immediately felt that something had happened to me or on me though I couldn’t figure out what at that time, my body just felt tired like I had been very sick.

I woke up my niece to ask why she had switched on the 2 but she had not, I even unlocked the bedroom door to go and ask my aunt if she had been to our room but remember I had to unlock the door to go to her. I went back, slept and woke up in the morning to no pain, no limping although my body still felt tired and I immediately knew the Lord had visited me.

After a week of no pain I went back to the original doctor and told him I was fine but he requested that I go for a second scan which I did and it came back normal. When I saw the surprise on the radiologist’face oh it was priceless same as the doctor’s. I was never operated till today I never had problems with cysts and that day the Lord reminded me of who He was and what He is capable of indeed He is a promise keeper. Why should I doubt Him now?

#He is able


It never rains!!

Someone once said ‘it never rains but pours’ for me it’s really pouring, I am drenched and l’m soaked there I was thinking that I am getting there but it seems my problems have just began.

It started with dry eyes, then it felt like I had sand in my eyes, my face became puffy like I am swollen this went on for days. I woke up to see I now had bulging eye balls like really?? 😳😳😳To better describe it I was looking like I had been surprised or someone had scared me 😭😭😭, this I couldn’t take, first falling and white hair and now this, I found myself back at the doctor’s and this time I was referred to an ophthalmologist.

Before the storm

The eye specialist explained what was going on with me apparently its known as Thyroid eye disease yes you guessed right!! Thyroid!!! Remember all this is knew to me I am still learning about graves/hyperthyroidism and now I have to learn about this too?? Lord I need I break… I tell you I was surprised to see there is even equipment to measure your eye balls and eye pressure and I had pressure building up in my eyes and as a cherry on top my vision was being affected as well.

Thyroid eye disease is a disorder of the immune system. It is not known why white blood cells involved in the body’s protective defenses begin to attack the body’s own tissues. When lymphocytes attack the thyroid gland, it responds by producing too much thyroid hormone. This causes symptoms of nervousness, rapid heartbeat, tremor, weight-loss, and other features of hyperthyroidism. When the immune system attacks the tissues around the eyes, it causes the eye muscles or fat to expand.

One day at work a client came with her grandson and as I was assisting her the child kept on looking at me then as they were leaving the child said “what’s wrong with her eyes, why are her eyes like that? 💔💔” The granny just said “nothing” and walked away. I smiled like everything was okay but guys to say I was hurt or angered is an understatement. I went into the bathroom and cried😭😭 saying “Till when Lord, Isn’t you said this was not unto death but for your glory but HOW if people now see me as a scarecrow, as a laughing stock? ”



He is still God!!

The sinews are definitely growing back on the bones and I am starting to feel like a human once again. I am so greatful for the strength that’s coming back at least I can breath.

Third week into my recovery I get ready to go to the saloon as I comb my hair I see a lot of it is on the comb. I know hair falls but this is not normal, I pull my hair and my hand is full of hair but isn’t hair the crown of my glory? What is happening to me Lord?

With white hair, hairdresser did a good job of covering it.

As my hairdresser is plaiting my hair she says “Do you know your hair is white now?” To tell the truth I reached my lowest ebb there and then, I even refused to look at my hair. First it was hair loss, second white hair, they say bad things happens in 3s, I just said what else Lord?

The hairdresser ministered to me then saying “Are you angry because you have white hair or hair is falling? What is that in the eyes of the Lord? Rather glorify Him for we are seeing change in you, praise Him for the positive things you are seeing” I was humbled to say the least because as human beings we are quick to forget the good as soon as the bad things arrives.

I consulted the doctor and she explained that that it’s all because of the thyroid medication I am now taking and to expect more though it differs with people. Despite all the negatives I chose to give glory, I chose to be greatful because He is still God.


How the thyroid looks like.

When all this is over challenge.

Nancia Sihle Blog

The situation we find ourselves in because of these lockdowns and shutdowns is one I never anticipated again in my life. It seems like an unending nightmare with all the uncertainty it brings.

How much time do I really have?

The last time I had this kind of uncertainty was in 2008. I was based in Zimbabwe at that time. Our currency just got worthless overnight. Suddenly I could not afford to buy a loaf of bread,let alone pay school fees for my children. I promised myself it would never happen to me again when things improved in 2009.

In 2017 things started deteriorating again in my country. I relocated to a friendly neighbouring country with my bag and my youngest, and I thought I had made it in life. Then enter covid-19, and almost everything is on hold now.

Mother and daughter.

A fellow blogger asked me what I…

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Dry bones arise!!

Thus says the Lord God to these bones, ‘Behold Stie, I will make breath enter you so that you may come to life. ~‘I will put sinews on you, make flesh grow back on you, cover you with skin, and I will put breath in you so that you may come alive; and you will know that I am the Lord .’” Oh yes Lord I have seen it! you are truly the Lord hence I now come to you with all I have. You went before me, you stood beside me and you were all around me through out this sickness.

Funny how life is, how quickly things change and just like that we lose control of everything but you my steadfast was there you anchored me through the waves and wind. Oh my faithful strength you kept on calling and telling me to focus on you because you knew I would not fall as long as my eyes were on you. Your voice I will follow always, only your eyes will I behold, I won’t be afraid.

When I now look in the mirror I see your hand on me, I see the sinews of flesh you have put back on me , you are restoring me, Oh who am I that you loved me so much?

I now understand what you meant when you said you are closer than my breath! Oh yes my breath is secondary when i gasped for air I would find myself breathing because you were there. If the wind can go where you send it so will I, if you left the grave behind you so will I and I have.

Hallowed be thy name.



EZEKIEL 37:5‭-‬6 AMP

New wine.

Having grown on a plot with a vineyard, grapes were my favourite. I remember we would pick the choicest ones, put them in containers only to crush and press them until all the juice comes out. We would leave them to ferment then sieve and separate till it becomes wine, this was not a day’s job but a process over a week or two.

Like the grapes you picked, you crushed and pressed me till I surrendered. Yes Lord you broke me but you are bringing new wine out of me. I am loving the new me that you are making. I am sorry, I am so sorry for having asked, why you were doing this to me but now I fully understand. Like minera ore you put me in the fire to strengthen and harden me now am almost like pure gold. I ask that you make me a vessel, an offering , make me whatever you want me to be for I came with nothing but now you have laden me with all these gifts. I now lay down my old flames to carry your new fire today. Strengthen me for I don’t want to get tired before I am through.


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